Mission & Purpose

The mission of the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust is to equip Oklahoma common school and CareerTech students with the technology and technological skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. The Trust provides funds for computer and telecommunications equipment, infrastructure, leadership and professional development to implement and advance integration of technology into classroom instruction. AT&T Oklahoma provided $30 million in initial funding for the Trust in 2001.

Purpose of the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust, as stated in Trust document certified February 6, 2001:

This Trust is established for the purpose of determining the application of funds available for the purchase, installation and maintenance of information technology for the common schools and CareerTech schools of the State of Oklahoma. The Trust is established to assist Oklahoma schools to meet the education-related goals of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and, accordingly, the Trust shall be authorized to assist the Oklahoma schools in obtaining, installing, and integrating computer equipment, software, and related telecommunications products and services for the use and benefit of the schools. The Trust shall be operated for the exclusive benefit of the common and CareerTech schools and the funds distributed from the Trust shall not be applied for any administrative or salary expenses of any Oklahoma educational institution. This Trust is established for the purpose of complying with the provisions of Order #437259 of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in Cause PUD #99-613 and to confer upon the common and CareerTech of the State of Oklahoma the benefits referenced in said Order #437259.